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Kabak Tatlısı (Pumpkin Dessert)

    I love fall.  I love the weather. I love the gorgeous array of colors as the trees change from vibrant green to oranges, reds and finally rusty browns.  I love going to Mountain Top Flea Market and browsing for bargains.  Fall is the best time to go in my opinion because it is nice and cool.  While strolling up and down the rows last Sunday, I found these lovely pumpkins.  Which I knew would be perfect for Kabak Tatlısı...

Yalancı Dolma * Fake Dolma

  Yalancı Dolma or Fake Dolma are one of my favorite Turkish meze.  It was always on the table for our New Years celebrations in Ankara every year.  Sevim hanim, my former mother-in-law made the best dolmas ever.  The were cooked perfectly every time.  Tender leaves on the outside firm never mushy rice on the inside.  The mixture of the olive oil and the lemon juice along with all the spices and flavors inside the dolmas would make your tongue...

Sigara Böreği 'Cigarette Börek'

  Last week when I went to Atlanta with my daughter to the AWA (Anime Week Atlanta) Convention, I spent some of my time checking out the wonderful Turkish Bakkal in Sandy Springs.  In Turkey, a bakkal is a little neighborhood store where you can buy many household essentials.  This one was just a few miles up the interstate from where we were staying and extremely easy to find.  The service was excellent and if you live in this area,...

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