Archive for August 12, 2014


Homemade Pasta with Creamy Garlicky Veggie Sauce

    Last night was a Meat-less Monday at our house.  Guess what?  It was so delicious, we didn't even miss the meat.  Don't get me wrong, I love meat and don't ever see myself becoming a vegetarian, but sometimes veggies are the way to go.  I have made homemade pasta before and have been wanting to make some wide noodles.  I think wide noodles go really well with a creamy vegetable sauce.  Of course you have to throw in...

Chocolate Cherry Delight à la mode

    Who doesn't love chocolate? I know I love it!  When I was pregnant with my daughter, way back in 1992, I practically lived off chocolate.  Her father is a pilot and every time he flew to a different country, he would always bring me chocolate back. Unfortunately,  I no longer have my own chocolate stash flown in to me from around the world.  Now days when I want chocolate, it is a Reese's Cup or I have to make...

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